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PCMag  The Best Online Backup Service for 2015

PCMag  IDrive offers one of the best value propositions among the many online backup providers I’ve encountered

Techcrunch  iDrive Debuts 1 TB And 2 TB Wireless Drives Offering Encrypted Local Backups And Cloud Storage  IDrive cloud backup and sync service

PC World  IDrive Online Storage: Comprehensive online backup and sync service

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IDrive Remote Backup

HIPAA Compliant:

IDrive assists healthcare providers to be HIPAA compliant in the following manner:

Unauthorized access to individually identifiable health records is strictly forbidden; data is encrypted and transmitted securely to a vault that resides at a world-class data center that provides SOC approved data protection service.

Access to the vaults and the data center is strictly controlled through administrative procedures, physical safeguards, and technical security measures to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of customer data.

Data remains on the IDrive servers for as long as you wish to retain it.